Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's On! 2015 Mass Transit Pub Crawl

All right! It's almost time. Mass Transit Pub Crawl is here on Sunday. The weather man has rain in the forecast so dress appropriately. We will be out in the elements as we make our way from place to place. Don't worry though, the weather will not dampen any of the fun. This year's lineup is set; we have two veteran establishments we will be visiting again and three new places that will be mixed in. As I always say, this is a long day and not intended to be a drunk-fest (although you can if you want!). We are getting together to enjoy friendship, fellowship and doing something tried and true in a unique way.

If you want to use social media to spread the good word, please do! If you will you use the hashtag #MTPC15 we can tie all of the postings together. I will be Tweeting and Periscoping our day for the masses to enjoy; or not.

So, without further adieu, let's take a look at where we are going!

First stop..........

Eight Bells is the offspring of Ten Bells Tavern in Oak Cliff. It is located in Fair Park in the former Old Amsterdam space. This is a new venue this year. Check them out here:

http://eightbellsalehouse.com/    or


Next up........


Also a new stop on this year's crawl, Craft and Growler calls itself a beer filling station and offers a wide variety of draft beers. Feel free to purchase a growler and take it on the road with us. Take a look at C&G here:


And the next stop is..........


Our first repeat! We enjoyed CBC so much last year that they made the cut for 2015. Comfortable digs, nice vibe and excellent beer and booze selections highlight this stop. Here is the website:


Now we're headed to............

That's right, Lee Harvey's! A perennial favorite. Need I say more? I didn't think so.
Here they are:


And to finish our adventure........

Industry Alley Bar

Our final new entry for this year. Industry Alley is Charlie Papaceno's new place. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Charlie is the former owner/proprietor of the Windmill Lounge. The Windmill has been a stop on previous crawls and Charlie is an outstanding host and barkeep. Check him out right here:


That's a wrap for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday! Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see each other 11:00 AM at the Mockingbird Station DART platform!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Mass Transit Pub Crawl...........It's on again!!

After a couple of misfires and a small bout of apathy, the 3rd not-so-annual Mass Transit Pub Crawl is happening again. Mark your calendars, save the date, and do whatever calisthenics you need to prepare because we are getting this hot mess going on Friday, December 26th. That's right; the day after Christmas! Xmas is over and it's time to start pub crawling.

Hank the Tank says "It's time to Pub Crawl".
For those who have not joined us before, let me give you a quick primer on what we do. 1) We all meeting in the morning, 2) we board DART light rail, 3) we ride around enjoying fellowship, food, and drink. Despite the length of the event (all day) the goal is not to get trashed and thrashed. The goal is to have a fun filled day with friends in a different "pub crawl" setting. We will be using the DART light rail line to travel from venue to venue. This will allow us some fun times with the general public and will keep us out of our vehicles and off the roads. Remember this is an all day/all night event! Feel free to join us from stem to stern or join us when you can. The two most important words you can remember for this day; fun and pacing! Although this is no binge-fest, we do drink for multiple hours at multiple venues. Great times and a blast have been had by all during our first two incarnations of this event. I expect nothing less from the third version.

With that in mind, lets do a quick preview of potential venues.........................

The Boiler Room

This place opens at 6:00 AM! Enough said. This is a new addition to the Pub Crawl rotation. Visit their website:


The People's Last Stand

Another new place to the Crawl. Located in Mockingbird Station. Check them out:


Lee Harvey's

Woo-hoo!! An all-time Pub Crawl favorite. If you have never been here you have missed out on one of Dallas' gems. Greatness awaits:


The Cedars Social

Located on South Lamar, this is our third new venue for this year's crawl. Enjoy:


Windmill Lounge

This place rules! Great drinks, great owner, great vibe. The only thing they don't have is a great website (doesn't matter); check it out here:


Well, that should get us going for now. As always plans and stops are subject to change depending on the organizer, crowd sourcing, or the general vibe of the day. More information to come. See you guys soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Sorry

Like the changing of the seasons, the cry of a newborn baby, and the spinning of the earth, it is time to make my semi-annual blog content mea culpa. I know there's no excuse for running a blog with zero content. I suck and I know it. More to come................

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trinity Hall is out; The Fillmore is in. We'll be there in 45 minutes. See you there.
Hello Windmill Lounge! It's divey, it's fantastic. Wish you were here.
Touchdown at the greatness of Lee Harveys. Everyone is in good spirits and enjoying the crawl. Don't be shy; come and join us!
2nd Audible. After an awesome burger we have landed at Adairs. Sweet PBR and shuffleboard.
At the Angry Dog. Nice vibe, cold beer and great burgers! Get on down here.
1st audible. Got treated like a leper colony infected with AIDS at City Tavern. We walked out and are headed to Angry Dog. See you there!
Pub Crawl 2010 has begun!!! We are at DART rail in Plano ready to roll.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Mass Transit Pub Crawl...........Almost Here!!!!!!

12/28/10...........Woo-hoo!!!! It's amazing, it's astounding and it'a only ONE WEEK AWAY! For those of you with us last year you all know that this humble bolt to the left worked its way into our hearts and became the official mascot/emblem for the 1st Annual Mass transit Pub Crawl. I believe that this little bolt will be making the trip for year two.

To those of you adventurous enough to join us for the first go around, I tip my cap and say welcome back. For any and all who will be joining us this year for the first time I say "Welcome Aboard". I predict a tremendous time and fun to be had by all.

Just to let you know I will be letting you know the details of the day below. Remember this; once we get up and running anything can happen. So, even the best laid plans will will be subject to audibles from the ringmaster and to the whim of the crowd. As plans are laid out right now we will be visiting three new venues and three holdovers from last year. So without further ado here we go.............

Anyone who wants to join us from the beginning can meet at the Parker Road Station in Plano at 10:00 AM. We will meet at the train platform and take the Red Line to downtown Dallas for our first stop of the day. Anyone planning to come on a different line we will be meeting at 11:15 AM at.................

City Tavern - 1402 Main Street Dallas (Akard Station: Red/Blue/Green Lines). This will be our first stop and a new entry for this year's crawl. Located in the heart of downtown this little blurb come from their website
www.citytaverndowntown.com :

"RECOGNITIONS - It makes us proud to have been named as, in consecutive years, the "BEST PLACE TO MEET PEOPLE...DOWNTOWN", "BEST DOWNTOWN HANGOUT", and "BEST DOUBLE FISTED DRINKING" spot by the folks at the Dallas Observer.  Because that's what we pride ourselves on most...being THE place to get together with friends when you're downtown looking for a good time.  We've got it all here at the City Tavern. Great food, great drink prices and daily drink specials, games, lots of killer live music and last, but not least, an awesome staff of fun people that look forward to showing you the best time possible!"

Reports from the field (Matty B) say that this place serves a good burger; we'll see. Tuesdays feature $3.00 pints at the tavern so watcha say; let's have cheap beer! Moving right along we get back on the train for the second stop of the day.

Hello Angry Dog (Green Line). The second stop is also the second newbie on our crawl. 100 different bottled beers with over 20 on tap. Sounds good to me! Check these guys out at www.angrydog.com .

Our third stop will take us to a personal favorite..........

Lee Harvey's (Red Line/Blue Line). Hold on one quick moment. Lee Harvey's how do I love thee; let me count the ways:

~ delicious food
~ cheap drinks
~ killer bands
~ bartenders that double as DJ's
~ one of Dallas' most diverse crowds
~ fencing and razor wire to keep you safe
~ kick ass fire pits
~ ramshackle building
~ sweet ass chilled-out vibe

Last year one of the participants, and I'm not saying who (I'm looking at you Derrell) nearly had a massive case of angina when we pulled up to Lee Harvey's. Although she's not much to look at, she's got it where it counts. If you don't already know and love Lee Harvey's you soon will. www.leeharveys.com


Windmill Lounge (Green Line). The fourth stop of the day is the final new entry for this year's crawl. The owner looks like Dave Campo's long lost brother, the drinks are strong, cheap and delicious, and the vibe is laid back. I predict much love for the Windmill. PS - they make a pretty awesome panini. Enjoy their bare -bones website www.windmill-lounge.com

Clickity-clack down the tracks!

As we head away from Downtown Dallas and trek north our next stop is Trinity Hall www.trinityhall.tv (Red Line). This bar is at Mockingbird Station. Planned development; check. Dallas’ best, brightest, and most beautiful; check. Potential “fake-o” factor; check. We’re ready to roll at the Trinity. This place should be the antithesis of our first four stops. Don’t let that stop us as we should have shed a few of our inhibitions by this time. Bonus – they have an extensive selection of whiskeys and scotches. Yippee! PS - this previous paragraph was taken from last year's preview. In actuality this is quite a  cozy pub. NICE WORK TRINITY PUB!

Which brings us the the final stop of the day...........................

The Fillmore Pub (Red Line) – The pub is one block from the Downtown Plano Station. For those not in the know Downtown Plano is an up-and-comer. Blending the right amount of non-manufactured history, a nice mix of old and new establishments, and a diverse crowd Downtown Plano is a hidden Metroplex gem. The Fillmore is a comfortable place to enjoy two of the greatest things in life; fellowship and alcohol. Woo-hoo! Bonus – Reverse Happy Hour is 11:00PM – 2:00AM Sunday and Monday (oops, we’ll be there Tuesday).
                                                                                                         "I'm a happy, happy sign"
Whew! We made it. Or did we? To cap the evening we will be dining at Urban Crust www.urbancrust.com which is located a couple of doors down from the Fillmore.

As an addendum to this year's programming we have decided that a recovery day would be most enjoyable to all of those involved. To that end on the 29th (the day after) we will be venturing to the Russian Banya to partake in a spa style recovery. To those of you not familiar with a banya here is a link to their site:

I look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday. Have a safe and happy Christmas and rest up for what is sure to be a great day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 6 Stinker

The Cowboys giving good effort........

The last play of the Cowboys game against the Vikings was a microcosm of the season; no plan, no leadership, chaos, stupidity (and unintended hilarity). The fact that the Cowboys had to pull out a 7th grade sandlot football play to try and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat tells you all you need to know about the Cowboys this season; they are much further away from being good than we realize. This thing is rotten from the top down and I believe is going to get much worse before it gets better (if it actually does). The Cowboys are slowly spiraling out of control and into oblivion. A season that started with much alleged promise is not cratering with a resounding thud.

Two of the Cowboys reoccurring bug-a-boos surfaced again this game; turnovers and penalties. And not just stupid penalties, but mind-paralyzing stupid penalties. Having just let an excessive celebration penalty ruin the previous game against the Titans what is the first thing the Cowboys do when they scored their first touchdown against the Vikings? You got it! A nice brain fart excessive celebration penalty when Miles Austin leapfrogged Roy Williams. Crap! And pure stupidity. I'll regroup and post some more later this week but for now I've had it with this team.

* Quick note - with the release of OL Robert Brewster this past week the Cowboys 2009 draft is now squarely one of the worst in the history of the club if not the league. And the worst part is Jerry Jones is making the same mistake again. Mr. Genius GM traded out of the first round via the Roy Williams trade (mid-season 2008) and continued to trade out of the second round to acquire more picks. This was all done according to game plan because the team was going to draft special teams and reserve players. IDIOT ALERT - you do not ever use this as your drafting philosophy! If your head is so far up your ass that you either have this as you plan or don't have a plan at all please, oh please just draft the beat player available with each pick. Jones applied this same strategy in the late nineties when he thought the trifecta of Aikman/Smith/Irvin still had some championships left in them. This drafting philosophy paved the way for three consecutive 5-11, Dave Campo coached seasons. By employing this same idiotic draft philosophy again Jones is paving the way for some stinker seasons to come.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 5 Stubbed Toe

Bitter, flailing defeat was handed to the Dallas Cowboys by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday (34-27). I know I'm going to sound like a broken record during this post but when you do the same things over and over to contribute to defeat, the spotlight must remain on those deficiencies. The Cowboys massively out-gained and generally outplayed the Titans yet were on the wrong end of the score. This can be directly attributed to the Cowboys deficiencies in the areas highlighted in previous posts (coaching, turnovers, penalties, offensive line). So without wasting too much more time let's take a look at this past week's kick to the crotch.

Turnovers - In three defeats this year the Cowboys a -7 in turnovers. In their one victory they were +3. There is a direct and measurable correlation between winning the turnover battle and winning the game. Take care of the football on offense, cause turnovers on defense and you will be a long way down the road to victory. Against the Titans Tony Romo had a three interception game that very easily could have ballooned to a five or six interception game had a couple of things broken Tennessee's way. I don't have the stats to prove it but by the "eyeball test" it seems to me that Romo's decision making has regressed. It appears that save some good luck going his way Romo would be sitting on a even more massive interception total four games into the season (he currently has 5). As for the defense......this unit does not know how to separate player from pigskin. The defense has one (that's not a misprint) interception so far this year. At this pace the team will have an epic four interception season.

Penalties - Sunday's display was just sickening; twelve penalties for 133 yards. This doesn't include the two penalties that were declined or offset. Sunday and for the past several years penalties have been this team's Achilles heal. The list is long and diverse; penalties to kill drives, penalties to extend the opponent's drives, penalties to negate touchdowns, stupid penalties, clock management penalties, penalties just because. All of these and more were on display Sunday. I could break them down for you but it may just frustrate me to the point of tossing my keyboard or laptop (or both!).

Offensive Line - Mull this in your football brain; Leonard Davis was pulled and Montrae Holland was inserted in his place. Sunday's early game line play was totally pathetic. Romo was getting sacked on repeated  occasions and generally was running for his life. I would like to say the line play improved later in the game but I'm not going to credit better pass protection that was offset by mind numbing, momentum killing penalties.

Coaching/Leadership - Just horrific! Coming of the bye week the team was unprepared and not focused. Once again this can be chalked up to the coaching and leadership void that is Wade Phillips. There is absolutely no excuse for being this ill-prepared with two weeks to game plan for an opponent. And it's not just the game plan; this team just looks like it doesn't want it badly enough and for a fan this is very disheartening.

This team has just been painful to watch. On the one hand, the team appears to have enough talent to compete and win. They just continue to get derailed by their stupidity and bad play. On the other hand look at the record; 1-3 means you quite possibly are not that good. More fun is looming on the horizon as a trip Minnesota arrives Sunday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 5

Thank goodness the bye week is over. Fortunately the Cowboys bye week has been completely overshadowed and pushed to the side by the Texas Rangers first trip to the post season in eleven years. I cannot begin to tell you what a relief that is. During a typical Cowboys bye week around here we are subjected to made up stories and headlines that would barely register on page eight thank to not having a football game to discuss. Thank you Rangers! And good luck trying to close out the Rays today.

Since we do have a football game to discuss; let's get to it. I don't want to oversimplify things too much but I believe we are going to get one of two versions of the Cowboys against Tennessee.

1) The over confident, we had a big win going into the bye week so everything's all good Cowboys
2) The healthy, focused and prepared Cowboys ready to do business

This game is a real head scratcher because in addition to not knowing which Cowboys team will show up there is also the question of which Tennessee team will show up. I just don't know! As has been stated before a win is critical to having a successful season (no kidding). It is especially important for two reasons; first the team does not need to fall to 1-3 and second there is a trip to Minnesota looming next weekend where the Vikings have re-acquired the Cowboys's personal kryptonite Randy Moss. See you on the other side........

"Chef's Special" Lines of the Week - NFL Week 5

You didn't think I forgot you. Of course not! Use your resources accordingly............

Date & Time                             Favorite                     Line                             Underdog
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Baltimore                -7                             Denver
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Buffalo                    -1.5                           Jacksonville
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Indianapolis         -4.5                           Kansas City 
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Detroit                     -2.5                          St. Louis
10/10 12:00 CT                         Atlanta                            -4                            Cleveland
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Cincinnati               -6.5                          Tampa Bay
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Carolina                   Pick 'em                  Chicago
10/10 12:00 CT                         Green Bay                      -2.5                          At Washington
10/10 12:00 CT                         At Houston                  -4                            NY Giants
10/10 3:05 CT                           New Orleans                  -11                          At Arizona
10/10 3:15 CT                            San Diego                        -10                         At Oakland     
10/10 3:15 CT                            At  Dallas                      -4.5                        Tennessee
10/10 7:20 CT                           At San Francisco         -3.5                        Philadelphia
10/11 7:35 CT                            At NY Jets                    -4.5                        Minnesota

Bye Weeks: Miami, New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle

As usual point spreads are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose your ass, hey, that's on you.