Saturday, October 03, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

Just got finished with a full day of paper writing for school. 1000 words, 1000 words, and 1250 words. That's a lot of words. Phew! I can barely see straight enough to make this post. But you are in luck, I have a few word sleft in me. Some random thoughts to end the day.......

~ Don't skimp on spices, quality or quantity.

~ TAMU, you're frauds. Get ready for a nice 5 or 6 win season. Wait, that's an improvement from last year.

~ Consider me very, very nervous about the Cowboys trip to Denver tomorrow. Unfortunately this team has 8-8 written all over it.

~ Is there anything better than a big steak and a knock-it-outta the park Cabernet. Apologies to vegetarians and vegans of the world (or not).

~ You get what you pay for. No, you really do.

~ Best entertainment value going............movies. Where else can you get a two-hour cinematic getaway that can run as low as $5.00. Even at full price I'm still going.

~ Most people who have eaten my cooking may find this hard to believe; it took me years to learn how to make perfect rice. Don't give up.

~ A good bourbon is your good friend.

~ No one, and I mean no one in this stinking town knows how to make a margarita correctly. It's a cocktail not a Sprite spritzer with a wave of the tequila bottle over the top. I'll be giving lessons tomorrow.

~ Go to the pound, get you a dog. Life is better with one.


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