Saturday, October 24, 2009

Limoncello..........The Finish Line

You've made it! It's been a whole week and I know you've been peeking at your brew on and off during this time. Well your patience is about to be paid off as we're closer than you know to the finish line. I forgot to mention in the first post that limoncello is meant to be served frozen. So, store your bottles in the freezer when you are finished and access as needed; which should be very often. It is at this point in the recipe process that the lemon rind will be strained from the alcohol and combined with simple syrup (which is equal parts water and sugar cooked together to dissolve the sugar) to make the finished product. As a note any good, clean glass bottle can be used for the limoncello. I save bottles and purchase bottles. If you are curious where the bottles in the final picture are from I purchased them from Sunburst Bottle Company ( The style I use is the 500ml Carre (link:

Simple Syrup Recipe
7 cups sugar
7 cups water

~ Put water and sugar into appropriate sized pot. Cook on medium high heat until the sugar is dissolved into the water (liquid will be clear). This should take 5-7 minutes give or take
~ Set simple syrup aside to cool

Now with photos I will finish the recipe................

Remove the lemon and alcohol mixture from its resting place

Hells Yes! One week later.

Strain the lemon rinds from the alcohol.

As you can see the rinds have changed color. The rinds will now be white to pale white yellow and should be brittle like dried leather. You're doing good so far!

Here's a look at the straight alcohol mixture.

The brew will be bright yellow and clear at this point.

You will now add the simple syrup to the alcohol mixture.

The limoncello will now become cloudy. This is how it should be. Guess what? You're done! Bottle, place in the freezer and enjoy.

The Finished Product..............

                                                                                                    A Thing of Beauty


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