Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!

Just got finished watching the Cowboys take it in the tailpipe to the Denver Broncos. What a painful viewing. As I posted yesterday I believe that this team is just an 8-8 season waiting to happen.

In the random thought department, let's roll back to 2007. Coming off of four years under the Giant Tuna Bill Parcells the Cowboys had ditched Parcells and hired Son of Bum Wade Phillips. The 2007 season represented the best opportunity for the Cowboys to make some noise, reach the playoffs, and go deep possibly even to the Super Bowl. The reason for this was a unique dynamic that had enveloped the team. Through Parcell's tenure with the Cowboys he did an excellent job revitalizing the Cowboys after the Chan Gailey/Dave Campo "oh, my aching balls" lost years. Say what you will about Parcells dude knew how to churn and burn a roster. However, his style had grown stale within the locker room. Enter SOB and a new player's coach to take the reins. The loosened reins coupled with the leftover discipline from the Parcells years equated into a 13-3 season and gigantic expectations. These expectations died in a first round loss to the New Your Giants and it has been downhill since. A 9-7 season with a last game implosion at Philadelphia has been followed by a 2-2 start to this season.

So here we are. Let the torching begin.......

~ Wade Phillips; gots to go. Enough said.
~ Jerry Jones, is it any coincidence that the Cowboys were best and revitalized under strong coaches who also had strong opinions and influence in the GM department (Jimmy Johnson, Parcells).
~ Tony Romo Part 1, don't think he's going to cut the mustard. And please for the love of all things human do not throw in my face that he is 26-12 or whatever it is as a starter. The proof is in the pudding, the bigger the game the smaller he plays.
~ Tony Romo Part 2, My man, you're the quarterback of the Cowboys. Go to Cowboy's quarterback school. The spotlight shines brightest in Big "D".
~ Draft (ex., 2009), there is enough talent on this team to win. This pitiful 2009 draft will come back to bite the team in the arse.
~ Attitude, there isn't a winning one in this organization. The fish stinks from the head down. Jerry Jones is more interested in style over substance. It shows in the on-the-field product.

I need a stinkin' drink. Later.


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