Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh The Humanity!!!!!..............Part II

Your Dallas Cowboys. This team is done. Finished. Kaput. How can I best sum up this steaming pile; pitiful, pathetic, and inexcusable. So you beat the Chiefs, so what. Two long Miles Austin touchdowns fueled by dismal tackling has propelled the team to a win. In your division Philadelphia and New York pummeled similar competition (Tampa Bay and Oakland respectively). This doesn't even qualify as a moral victory even though it was an actual victory. Going into today's games do you know who had the worst record in the NFL over the last 29 games? Detroit.....nope. St. Louis...........good guess but wrong. Oakland..........they definitely stink, guess again. Kansas City. You guessed it. The stinking Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in the league over the last season and three-quarters, mustering a meager 2-27 record their last 29 games. Even lowly Detroit going 0 for 16 last season has managed to squeak out three wins over the same period. Step back, take a breath and let this alleged win sink in. The Cowboys are well on their way to a 7-9 season, possibly worse. Where to begin.......

~ Penalties. This team is a penalty machine. Penalties to kill drives, penalties to negate positive plays, penalties to worsen field position, you name it this team's got 'em. And these aren't even effort penalties. These are mental mistakes pure and simple. C'mon.....four, count 'em four defensive offsides penalties on one series in the K.C. game. Sickening. Chronic mental mistakes can only mean one thing; this team is not being  prepared to play football.

~ Turnovers. Someone, anyone needs to drill it into the heads of these players; lose the turnover battle and you lose the game. Teams that have more turnovers, even a modest +1, manage to win 83% of their games. Take care of the football!

~ Leadership. There is none. From a coach that has lost the team to a narcissistic owner that won't change his ways; this fish stinks form the head down. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results. Memo to Jerry Jones; 12 years and counting since the last payoff win (PS - thanks for taking me Chris).

~ Pride. This is where the eyeball test comes into play. It just doesn't look to me like these guys give a rat's ass what happens. I see slumped shoulders, poor facial expression, and a general negative attitude. I know this is an over-simplification but this team seems to be chock full of front runners. When all is going well the team does fine. Punch this team in the face or watch it go up against adversity and the team disappears and the finger pointing begins.

~ Talent. I can't speak for all concerned but those of us in the Metroplex have been drilled for the last few years how talented this group of players is. Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe this team ain't all that talented. Who are the Pro Bowlers on this roster? Who are the game changers? Hell, who's just doing their job? Mark my words, this terrible 2009 draft will come back to haunt this franchise long term.

Well, gotta go enjoy the bye week. Should be two weeks of panic induced sports talk and many opportunities to talk Cowboys fans off the ledge. However I am not one of them. This team is cooked.

Editor's note: began this post with the scored tied 13-13 in the fourth quarter (11:05 left in game) and decided win or lose I would post this item.


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