Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh The Humanity!!!!!................Part III

Seems the Dallas Cowboys finally met an opponent they could stand up to. Let's hear it for sending "Bye" up in flames. Victory. Mission accomplished. If we only had "Bye" as the opponent every week this thing would be 16-0 and rolling to the Super Bowl. Here are some of the various comings and goings during the Cowboy's off week.

~ Tiger Woods came to Valley Ranch and worked out with Tony Romo. Then they all held hands and went to see U2. Yippee! Don't for one second think that some of Tiger's mojo rubbed off on Tony. It didn't.
~ Flozell Adams - you're still a penalty machine. Anyone care to set the over/under the rest of the season for penalties and drives killed?
~ Considering the pitiful way in which the Cowboys spanked, er, squeaked by the Chiefs the uproar on sports talk radio has been relatively subdued this week. I'm afraid people are starting to see this train wreck for what it is and after 12 seasons without a playoff win this may be the opening shot of fan apathy.
~ This organization is fundamentally flawed; Jerry Jones is Al Davis with people skills (not my original thought but so good and so right on target I had to use it).
~ I know these seem to be reoccurring subjects and themes but until something changes I'm forced to hammer the same nail.
~ Now for some good news; Keith Brooking is awesome. This is one dude who "gets it". Examples: never stops on a play, fundamentally sound tackler, knows his assignment, understands Wed./Thu./Fri. makes a team successful on Sunday, never takes a play off. I wish this team had more Keith Brookings and Jay Ratliffs. I can dream, can't I.

Well, enjoy the week and steel yourselves for the arrival of the Atlanta Falcons.


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