Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!............Pre-game

My apologies for not posting a game recap last week. I was flummoxed by the suddenly super Cowboys that showed up to smack around the Atlanta Falcons. I think this put me into some sort of football trance that kept me hungover for the better part of a week. Needless to say I have shaken it of and am ready to roll for today's game against the second bird team in two weeks. I'll have a complete post-game recap but for now a few quick hits from last week's victory.

The Good
~ Tony Romo's play.
~ Miles Austin's continued emergence.
~ Keith Brooking's energy and play. If this thing comes through this season I believe we will look back and
    a large amount of the praise and credit will go to him.
~ Getting an opponent down and keeping them down.

The Bad
~ Penalties. The mental error penalties continue to pile up. They didn't bite the Cowboys in the ass this game
    but sooner or later they will.
~ Terrance Newman's spotty play. This guy is over-rated. Whiffed on a first half tackle and had multiple
    passes completed his way.
~ Roy Williams. Time to call this trade a bust.

See you post game...............................


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