Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pub Crawl........We Did It!!!!!

Well, we did it. The 1ST hopefully annual Mass Transit Pub Crawl is in the books. We fought the weather, we fought the booze, and we fought the fear, all to arrive unscathed at the end of the evening. A great time was had by all. Special thanks to Matt and Jen for going the distance. Special props to Derrell for joining in and also going the distance. Thanks to Charlie and Naomi for joining us in the evening. For those of you who didn't make it mark your calendars; Tuesday 12/28/2010. We'll do it all again!

On the road............

Heading to the first stop we had to contend with the weather. Although Jen swore snow was ready to fall at any moment we ended up battling several hours of cold rain and drizzle. Screw it! There's drinking to do!

First stop.........Adair's

Look who's there to greet us............

At this point Derrell was just going to meet us for the first stop and some lunch, however he soon realized something was afoot. Quicker than you can say abracadabra he was riding shotgun with us and made it to the end of the day. Nice work Chief!

Outstanding hole-in-the-wall music spot. And added bonus is good burgers and cold, cheap beers. This was a great spot to get the day started. They also let you write on just about anything in the joint with black markers. As a result tables, walls, and just about anything else is covered in eye blurring layers of graffiti. I think even the toilet had writing on it (sorry, no photo). This definitely gives the place its own style. Made me long for the days of the late, great Black Cat in Austin.

Moving on....................

At this point we called our first audible of the day. It was too early to go to the Amsterdam Bar so we decided to forgo that stop hop on the rails and head to Lee Harvey's. Unfortunately LH does not open until 3 PM. Oops! What to do, what to do. We were bailed out by Derrell who suggested we go to the jazz club Brooklyn. Great call and away we went. Upon arriving at Brooklyn we were surprised by a sign in the window that had there holiday hours of operation. You guessed it; closed. We were rescued by the family who runs the restaurant who were kind enough to invite us in and allow us to have drinks. Thank you Brooklyn for the helper and hospitality. Below are some photos that include the (proprietor?) of the place. According to Jen snow was just about to happen but to this point we were just wet.................

Next up, Lee Harvey's.................................! As you can probably tell from the pictures the booze was starting to kick in just a little. Fun was definitely being had by all. Wait............let's start at the beginning. I was queried by Derrell if I had been to Lee Harvey's before. The answer was yes. So he tells Matt and Jen that he needs to spin us by the place before we went to Brooklyn. As we cruised down the street past LH there were many comments to effect of we would die, be raped, or be raped and die if we went there. I poo-poo'd this talk and chalked it up to the fact that other than myself no one had been here. And you know what? Turns out this was everybody's favorite spot on the crawl. Dark, dank dive bar with cold cheap beer and good grub. What more can you ask for. This is definitely a place I could settle into for an extended period of time and get my schwerve on. But not today, we had more places to go and people to see.

Back to the rails....................................

Next stop Trinity Hall................

Trinity Hall was quite cozy and provided a nice respite from the slurry/rain/snow that was falling. By all technical definitions this was actually the first true "pub" we visited and Trinity did not disappoint. Lots of wood, nice pours on tap, and as an added bonus they have an almost encyclopedic selection of scotches, whiskeys, and bourbons. It was truly impressive (tried the 21 year old Bushmills aged in rum casks...excellent!). When I asked our server where the head was located he tried to crack wise to me twice; once directing me outside the establishment and once directing me to any avaiable corner of the pub. I showed him and took it out on their toilet.....I'm sorry toilet :-( With that out of the way we were able to enjoy the rest of our time there.

Back to the train, on to Plano.......................

Next stop The Fillmore Pub.......

This is where we were joined by Charlie and Naomi. By this time the long awaited snow had made an appearance (hooray!). Surprisingly those of us who had been drinking all day were still going strong and had a decent grasp on reality. As I blogged in my preview downtown Plano is a cool situation; shops, restaurants, and businesses all clustered by the rail station. The Fillmore is one of the many drinking and eating shacks downtown. Inside it is cozy with lots of wood and during good weather there is a patio that opens up to view the trains passing by.

The evening was capped off with a dinner visit to Urban Crust (Awesome pizza, fair service). All in all a great day and tons of fun. Once again thanks to all who participated and to those of you who weren't able to make it mark your calendars; 12/28/2010!

Final Tally..........

Venues: 6
Drinks consumed: Lost count
Snow?: Some
Change made for transit passengers: $5.00
Pieces of disassembled DART station pilfered: One bolt
Brushes with the law: Zero
Compliments received by Jenifer from handicapped persons: One
Times on train: Seven
Photos taken: Countless
Dumpster pee runs: One
Crappy beers consumed: Lone Star, PBR, Schlitz
Sketchy venue alerts: One