Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!!

My apologies for the blog drought. Busy and all you know. But  I'm back with a social experiment/pub crawl plan. Take a look below and mark your calendars accordingly..............

Mass Transit Pub Crawl

Date: Tuesday December 29, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM - ?????
Start: DART – Parker Rd. Station
Finish: Plano Super Bowl (Parker Rd. Station)

Originally conceived as a birthday activity, The Mass Transit Pub Crawl has been moved to a date which can accommodate more participants. Despite the length of the event (all day) the goal is not to get trashed and thrashed. The goal is to have a fun filled day with friends in a different “pub crawl” setting. We will be using the DART Light Rail Red & Green lines to travel from venue to venue. This will allow us some fun times with the general public and will keep us out of our vehicles and off the roads. We will meet at 11:00AM at the DART Parker Rd. Station in Plano and finish our day with some bowling at Plano Super Bowl (also at Parker Rd. Station). Can’t make the whole day…….do half a day! Can’t do half a day…………..join us when you can! We will attempt live blogging to let everyone know where we are and how we are doing.

All aboard! First stop, Adair’s Saloon (Green Line) – The bar is four and a half blocks from the Deep Ellum Station. Know for cheap beer and excellent burgers this will be a great spot to grab lunch to buffer our drinking for the day. Bonus – Happy Hour is every day from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Next stop, The Amsterdam Bar (Green Line) – The bar is one half block from the Fair Park Station. No TV’s and jazz music. Just the opportunity to socialize with friends and enjoy some drinks. What more can you ask for! As best I can tell the Amsterdam opens at 2:30PM. If we are ahead of schedule it may take some fast talking to get us in early (that and a few well placed dollars). Claim to fame – best jazz bar in Dallas.

Next up, Lee Harvey’s (Red Line) – The bar is four and a half blocks from the Cedars Station. A chilled out Dallas bar with a distinct laid-back Austin vibe. Indoor and outdoor seating and another great burger spot. Trivia – Lee Harvey’s has a bar cat named Bacon with his own Facebook page:

As we head away from Downtown Dallas and trek north our next stop is Trinity Hall (Red Line) – This bar is at Mockingbird Station. Planned development; check. Dallas’ best, brightest, and most beautiful; check. Potential “douche” factor; check. We’re ready to roll at the Trinity. This place should be the antithesis of our first three stops. Although it does look like they have gone out of their way to make the place authentic and inviting. Don’t let that stop us as we should have shed a few of our inhibitions by this time. Bonus – they have an extensive selection of whiskeys and scotches. Yippee!

Uh-oh! Chain alert! Our next stop will be Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub (Red Line) – The bar is two blocks away from the Park Lane Station (actually across two giant parking lots). Don’t know too much about this place so let’s cross our fingers and hope the ladies in the group aren’t pelted with too many cheesy pick-up lines “Are those space pants? Cause your ass is out of this world!” Bonus – none that I know of.

Five down, two to go. The next stop is Downtown Plano and The Fillmore Pub (Red Line) – The pub is one block from the Downtown Plano Station. For those not in the know Downtown Plano is an up-and-comer. Blending the right amount of non-manufactured history, a nice mix of old and new establishments, and a diverse crowd Downtown Plano is a small hidden Metroplex gem. The Fillmore is a comfortable place to enjoy two of the greatest things in life; friendship and alcohol. Woo-hoo! Bonus – Reverse Happy Hour is 11:00PM – 2:00AM Sunday and Monday (oops, we’ll be there Tuesday).

Last stop; Vickery Park (Red Line) – The bar is two blocks from the Downtown Plano Station. An offspring of the Henderson Ave. stalwart, this location is laid back and a great place for grub and swill. I hope at this point we won’t get kicked out. If things get a little dicey…… for cover! Bonus - The day's almost over!

End of the Evening Fun…………………………….

Bonus – 2:00AM – 8:00AM $2.00 per game. Who’s with me!!!!!!!!!!!


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