Sunday, August 08, 2010

Shout out to Aunt Amy

I would like to take a moment to pimp my aunt's blog. Our family has a long and fairly distinguished history of culinary minds. Although I'm the only person I am aware of in the family tree that is in the culinary business professionally that does not stop our family landscape from being dotted with fine culinary minds. One of these food standouts in Amy Miller; my aunt whom I also share a birthday with. Amy has an outstanding blog titled World Plates (link below). Not only is Amy a top notch foodie but she was blessed to have lived in Italy for several years. In addition to having delicious, tempting recipes Amy is a hell of a photographer and the pictures of her creations certainly do them justice. So, if you're into food and want to check out a great site, take a spin over to aunt Amy's little corner of the internet.........


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