Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Here comes week 2

We have reached the end of a week long Cowboys induced hyperventilation here in the Metroplex. To avoid further angina the Cowboys would be best served by rolling the Bears in today's home opener. Unfortunately I believe this team has issues that will not be solved with a "W". Although injured O-linemen Marc Coloumbo and Kyle Kosier will be making their returns this week that still does not address the coaching situation. As I have hopefully posted before and will say again this coaching staff is dysfunctional. It can be boiled down to this; Wade Phillips is a nice guy but a very average coach. I believe by now there are enough results on the board that no other determination can be made. I'm afraid this team is going nowhere.......quickly. It may seem a bit of an overstatement to say today's game will determine the season but a loss today would be potentially devastating to any hopes the team had at the start of the season.

Buckle up Cowboys fans.......bumpy ride ahead.


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