Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!!!..............Season Opener

Well we've made it. Summer is winding down, pre-season is over and it's time for actual real-life Dallas Cowboys football games. If you're like me you have a lot of questions regarding the 2010 edition of your Cowboys. On the one hand we are not supposed to read much if anything into pre-season football. On the other hand what little pre-season football I watched gave me tremendous pause as to the mindset and state of the team. Is this a group of verteran ball players that were aching to get the pre-season over with and flip the switch for the regular season or, as the old saw goes, where there's smoke there's fire?

I just don't know.

One thing I am absolutely certain of is when a team is replacing 60% of its offensive line (1 off-season defection, 2 injuries) most if not all of the team's struggles will inevitably point back to this unit. Let's face it; it takes time for an offensive line to coalesce into a solid functioning unit. And there is one thing this group has not had........time. So the jury will most definitely be out. Cross your fingers and stay tuned! Are we looking at 12+ wins and a potential Super Bowl home game or is this team staring 8-8 in the face. More to come later.................


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