Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........time for the panic button?

Well, well, we are. Ouch! Not such a good spot for the Cowboys to be in. 0-2 to start the season; not to mention that these were two winnable games against potentially middle of the road competition. What does this say about this edition of the Cowboys? We were told not to worry about performance in the pre-season (especially the offense), but it appears that pre-season was a fairly accurate barometer of how this team is going to perform. After two games we have an offense that has scored a total of 17 points, a defense that has potentially lost its best cornerback (Mike Jenkins, condition as of this post unknown), and a completely failed experiment at the kicker position (do you think the coaching staff would like a do-over on the no kicker competition debacle?).

Players perform (or don't); the bottom line is this game is about how much talent you can acquire. The better the talent and the greater the quantity of talent goes a long way in determining the success of a team. However unlike, let's say basketball, no matter how talented a team may be it cannot overcome poor coaching or specifically in this case poor preparation; which is a direct reflection on coaching. Football is most likely the ultimate team sport; requiring most if not all parts functioning together to produce a victory. Team preparation is critical to team success. In the post game press conference Wade Phillips took the blame for not having the team prepared. As the old cliche' goes Wade you are" a day late and a dollar short". Stop taking the blame and get this team prepared! Unfortunately as stated before Phillips is an average NFL coach so any attempts to rectify the situation, turn the ship around, or God forbid change his approach to the team (i.e., being a hard ass) I believe will be unsuccessful and/or fall on deaf ears. Jerry Jones and the coaching staff have dug their own grave; now it is time to lay in it.

Let's have a small game review..........

* Penalties - they just keep on coming; 6 in today's game (technically 7 since one was offset by a Chicago penalty) and a total of 18 in the first two games. The Cowboys were flagged for some of their favorite infractions including holding, blocking in the back and false starts.
* Roster moves/keeping three cornerbacks - heading into the season the Cowboys made the head scratching decision to keep only three cornerbacks on the roster (a rarity in the NFL). This decision seemed to blow up on them when the play immediately after Mike Jenkins left the game Ken Hamlin was completely abused by Matt Forte for an easy touchdown. Seriously........who gives a six yard cushion on a two yard pass play?
* Running game - three backs, no production. WTF?!?
* Turnovers - I know technically by the letter of the law turnovers are not coached, but players that are sharp mentally (prepared) tend to make less and force more. The team is going to continue to get pummeled unless it can find a way to fix this disparity.

I'm not completely sure but I don't think that the organizational culture is detrimental to spawning successful head coaches. I believe our owner was unable to make the right selection at the right time. Now we have a nice man who is excellent coordinator but an average head coach. Take a look at a few of the coaches who have passed through the Cowboys organization recently:
~ Sean Payton (New Orleans), Super Bowl champion. Completely turned woebegone franchise around.
~ Todd Hailey (Kansas City), team is currently 2-0 and appears to be on the rise.
~ Tony Sporano (Miami), team is currently 2-0 and appears to be on the rise.
Tell me you would not take any of these coaches in a nanosecond over Phillips? Well, they were all here and could have been leading the Cowboys. Thanks for nothing Jerry; hope that ego keeps your warm and cozy at night.

As I have stated before players are supposed to perform. However it is the function and responsibility of the coaches to teach the players, prepare the team, and have all personnel in situations that are most likely to result in positive plays/drives/games. The Cowboys staff has done none of these three. Current grade for the coaching staff this season: F-. With a brutal schedule forthcoming it doesn't appear at this moment that things are going to get better anytime soon.

I'm officially issuing a collapse alert for the 2010 Dallas Cowboys. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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