Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 3 Success!

The Cowboys have escaped NFL purgatory for the 2010 season. In a do or die game the Cowboys did. A solid game translated into the club's first win of the year. In doing so Dallas avoided getting into a hole that almost no team digs out of (0-3 to start the season). The Cowboys can now enjoy the bye week. A loss heading into the bye week would have certainly meant two full blown weeks of paralysis by analysis; something that would beaten the high holy out of me. A few quick hits from yesterday's game.......

Play Calling - The team has done the right thing and gotten back to a better balance between run and pass (close to 50/50) this game. Although an even distribution between running and passing is not totally necessary for victory, having the balance slanted as heavily towards the pass as it was in the first two games tends to let you know one of two things. First, the team is ineffective running the ball. Second, the team is throwing because it is behind.

Roy Williams - I will give the guy his due; he used his size and strength to leverage the secondary and catch two TD passes. Now if we can just get him to stop flashing the Hook 'em Horns sign after he scores (Dude, you're an NFL wide receiver and haven't been in college for seven years; give it up!).

Turnovers - The Cowboys caused three and gave none. This is good. The only downside is it took three games for the first turnover. By comparison the Steelers have ten interceptions through three games.

Team Attitude - Did the Cowboys discover their sense of urgency? The guys played like their hair was on fire. Please repeat for the next thirteen games.

Penalties  - Stop me if you have heard this before. The Cowboys were flagged for seven penalties. Not all that bad until you take a deeper look. The team was let of the hook by three penalties that were not accepted by the Texans another three that were offset. This brings the total to thirteen flags. The Cowboys cannot consistently overcome these mental errors.

Kicker - The box score says David Buehler made both of his FG attempts. What the box score does not state is the Cowboys eschewed two FG attempts (47 yarder and 48 yarder) that should be taken by a guy with a leg as good as Buehler. A championship club does not pin its hopes on an inconsistent kicker.

Offensive Line - The line played an excellent game. However Kyle Kosier limped off the field in the fourth quarter with what a appeared to be a tweak to his knee or ankle. This is just a reminder that as I have previously written the offensive line will be a primary contributing factor whether the team wins or loses. We all saw how the line did in the first game when Alex Barron was playing.

So the Cowboys head off to the bye week riding the high from a win that keeps the team afloat for the moment. I would contend that there are still fundamental flaws with this team that will come back to haunt them this season. The schedule doesn't do them any favors as it only gets more difficult going forward. Enjoy the bye week and tune back in for the next game.


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