Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 3

Wow! Week three. I believe we have reached the make or break game for the Cowboys' season. I know it's hard to fathom a do or die game in the third week of a season but when you are dealing with a club with as many issues as this one that statement is not hyperbole but fact. We have been told that everything is cool in the locker room and that the room is filled with solid guys who are going to pull together and get this thing out of the ditch. I just have a sneaking suspicion while those are the right things to say and the face you want to present to the world the club is actually in worse shape than it appears. This team has the smell, taste and feel of something that is about to come unraveled. I am going to upgrade my collapse alert into a full blown collapse warning. Let's hit a few quick points before the game Sunday.......

Coach - To borrow a phrase......"it's the coaching stupid". Good coaching sets the tempo, intensity and mental toughness for a team. That is currently not happening around these parts. We are seeing the results; soft coaching = inconsistent play. Rumors are flying around that if the team loses Sunday to Houston Jerry Jones will cut ties with Phillips as week 4 is the Cowboys bye week. Three thoughts on why this will not happen. First, as maverick as Jerry may appear he is completely opposed to switching coaches during the season; he's never done it and he never will. Second, there is no one on the staff (apologies to Red Jesus) that is capable of taking over and doing better. Third, nobody in there right mind who is not coaching (I'm looking at you Bill Cohwer) will jump into the middle of this chaos. Be prepared to be wed to Phillips and company for the remainder of the year.

Owner - I know everyone is completely beaten down with this opinion, however I will state it once again. The hierarchy within the Cowboys organization is completely dysfunctional (i.e. this thing isn't going anywhere with Jerry in his current roles). Let's start the list; the offensive coordinator was hired before the head coach, the head coach has no sack, the head coach wants to be liked more than respected, the players feel they can make an end run to the owner, the owner thinks he's a "football man", the owner is over-leveraged with debt and has had to make money decisions that have been detrimental football decisions. Put it all together and you have a complete mess. Jerry seems to be unaware the road to destruction is paved with hubris. There is good news; the answer is out there and can be summed up thusly: 1) Fire yourself as GM of this club and retire to the comfort of the owner's box 2) Hire a qualified and competent football GM to run this ball club 3) Enjoy the team's renaissance. Three words - won't ever happen! P.S. Jerry - get the hell off the sideline at the end of games!

Players - The team had the dreaded and feared "players only" meeting on Monday. One question; has the players only meeting ever done anything in the history of sports? Didn't think so.

Kicker - Has it really come to this. The kicking situation on this team is an abomination. I know I sound like a broken record but how in the world do you not a least have some free agent scrub in training camp to challenge David Buehler. Oh yeah! I remember, the Cowboys decided to pay for a kicking coach (Chris Boinol) instead. Seems to be paying off to me. It can reasonably be argued that if Buehler had made both of the eminently makable field goals in the first two games (44 & 33 yards) that the Cowboys would be 2-0 and most of this chatter would be null and void (not my argument, just saying).  How in the world did the Cowboys not have a replacement kicker at Valley Ranch on Monday; can I get a gigantic WTF?!? Be prepared for another pulled or shanked field goal attempt (or attempts) Sunday.

Win on Sunday and the team has a chance to regroup and lick its wounds over the bye week  (if this is the case, can there be any team happier to have the first bye week). Lose and the season is officially in the shitter. Unfortunately my radar senses the latter. Enjoy Sunday's game!


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