Monday, September 20, 2010

Pub Crawl we come!

Just wanted to let everybody know I did the first planning and thinking session about this year's Mass Transit Pub Crawl this past weekend.....Woo-hoo!!!!!!!! Pub crawl is just around the corner (12/28/2010)! As much fun as we had last year I want to blow the doors off for the 2nd edition (no sophomore slump here!). For those who need advance notice due to scheduling needs - MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. The event will take place Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Remember this is an all day/all night event! Although this is no binge-fest we do drink for multiple hours at multiple venues so you would be best served by taking the follow day off as well. 

We also get to break in a new DART rail line as the Green Line is scheduled to open on December 6th. So mark your calendars, make you plans and get ready to have a great time! 99 days to go and counting.......................


  1. You're a wild man. Love that you are planning Pub Crawl 2.0 for 2010. Wish you could catch a fast train to Chi-town. We've some great micro-breweries and gastro-pubs that I know YOU would love.

  2. @Amy
    Amy, We had a great time last year. High brow pub crawling was counter balanced by mucho consumption of Schlitz, PBR and Lone Star. Attempted live blogging the event last year; moderate success. I'm much smarter and better prepared this year.