Friday, October 01, 2010

"Chef's Special" Lines of the week - NFL Week 4

The NFL reaches its unofficial "quarter-pole" this weekend. The league also kicks off bye weeks. I know this represents two less games that you will potentially take a spanking on, but it does mean that you can drop more dough on less games (win-win, sweet!). Short on coin? Take a good look in your sofa cushions, put that unused bike into hock or just hit up your buddies. But whatever you do, please do pass on this opportunity to take your weekly beat down.

Date & Time                             Favorite                     Line                             Underdog
10/3 12:00 CT                           At Tennessee                -6                             Denver
10/3 12:00 CT                           At Pittsburgh              -2.5                           Baltimore
10/3 12:00 CT                           Cincinnati                      -4.5                           At Cleveland 
10/3 12:00 CT                           At Green Bay               -11                            Detroit
10/3 12:00 CT                           At New Orleans           -10.5                        Carolina
10/3 12:00 CT                           At Atlanta                     -4.5                           San Francisco
10/3 12:00 CT                           Seattle                              -2.5                          At St. Louis
10/3 12:00 CT                          NY Jets                             -5.5                          At Buffalo
10/3 3:05 CT                            Indianapolis                     -9.5                           At Jacksonville
10/3 3:05 CT                            Houston                           -5.5                          At Oakland
10/3 3:15 CT                             At San Diego                 -7                             Arizona
10/3 3:15 CT                             At  Philadelphia           -6.5                          Washington
10/3 7:20 CT                            At NY Giants                 -1.5                           Chicago
10/4 7:35 CT                            New England                    Pick 'em                  At Miami

Bye Weeks: Dallas, Kansas City, Minnesota, Tampa Bay

As usual point spreads are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose your ass, hey, that's on you.


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