Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!..........Week 6 Stinker

The Cowboys giving good effort........

The last play of the Cowboys game against the Vikings was a microcosm of the season; no plan, no leadership, chaos, stupidity (and unintended hilarity). The fact that the Cowboys had to pull out a 7th grade sandlot football play to try and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat tells you all you need to know about the Cowboys this season; they are much further away from being good than we realize. This thing is rotten from the top down and I believe is going to get much worse before it gets better (if it actually does). The Cowboys are slowly spiraling out of control and into oblivion. A season that started with much alleged promise is not cratering with a resounding thud.

Two of the Cowboys reoccurring bug-a-boos surfaced again this game; turnovers and penalties. And not just stupid penalties, but mind-paralyzing stupid penalties. Having just let an excessive celebration penalty ruin the previous game against the Titans what is the first thing the Cowboys do when they scored their first touchdown against the Vikings? You got it! A nice brain fart excessive celebration penalty when Miles Austin leapfrogged Roy Williams. Crap! And pure stupidity. I'll regroup and post some more later this week but for now I've had it with this team.

* Quick note - with the release of OL Robert Brewster this past week the Cowboys 2009 draft is now squarely one of the worst in the history of the club if not the league. And the worst part is Jerry Jones is making the same mistake again. Mr. Genius GM traded out of the first round via the Roy Williams trade (mid-season 2008) and continued to trade out of the second round to acquire more picks. This was all done according to game plan because the team was going to draft special teams and reserve players. IDIOT ALERT - you do not ever use this as your drafting philosophy! If your head is so far up your ass that you either have this as you plan or don't have a plan at all please, oh please just draft the beat player available with each pick. Jones applied this same strategy in the late nineties when he thought the trifecta of Aikman/Smith/Irvin still had some championships left in them. This drafting philosophy paved the way for three consecutive 5-11, Dave Campo coached seasons. By employing this same idiotic draft philosophy again Jones is paving the way for some stinker seasons to come.


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