Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trinity Hall is out; The Fillmore is in. We'll be there in 45 minutes. See you there.
Hello Windmill Lounge! It's divey, it's fantastic. Wish you were here.
Touchdown at the greatness of Lee Harveys. Everyone is in good spirits and enjoying the crawl. Don't be shy; come and join us!
2nd Audible. After an awesome burger we have landed at Adairs. Sweet PBR and shuffleboard.
At the Angry Dog. Nice vibe, cold beer and great burgers! Get on down here.
1st audible. Got treated like a leper colony infected with AIDS at City Tavern. We walked out and are headed to Angry Dog. See you there!
Pub Crawl 2010 has begun!!! We are at DART rail in Plano ready to roll.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Mass Transit Pub Crawl...........Almost Here!!!!!!

12/28/10...........Woo-hoo!!!! It's amazing, it's astounding and it'a only ONE WEEK AWAY! For those of you with us last year you all know that this humble bolt to the left worked its way into our hearts and became the official mascot/emblem for the 1st Annual Mass transit Pub Crawl. I believe that this little bolt will be making the trip for year two.

To those of you adventurous enough to join us for the first go around, I tip my cap and say welcome back. For any and all who will be joining us this year for the first time I say "Welcome Aboard". I predict a tremendous time and fun to be had by all.

Just to let you know I will be letting you know the details of the day below. Remember this; once we get up and running anything can happen. So, even the best laid plans will will be subject to audibles from the ringmaster and to the whim of the crowd. As plans are laid out right now we will be visiting three new venues and three holdovers from last year. So without further ado here we go.............

Anyone who wants to join us from the beginning can meet at the Parker Road Station in Plano at 10:00 AM. We will meet at the train platform and take the Red Line to downtown Dallas for our first stop of the day. Anyone planning to come on a different line we will be meeting at 11:15 AM at.................

City Tavern - 1402 Main Street Dallas (Akard Station: Red/Blue/Green Lines). This will be our first stop and a new entry for this year's crawl. Located in the heart of downtown this little blurb come from their website
www.citytaverndowntown.com :

"RECOGNITIONS - It makes us proud to have been named as, in consecutive years, the "BEST PLACE TO MEET PEOPLE...DOWNTOWN", "BEST DOWNTOWN HANGOUT", and "BEST DOUBLE FISTED DRINKING" spot by the folks at the Dallas Observer.  Because that's what we pride ourselves on most...being THE place to get together with friends when you're downtown looking for a good time.  We've got it all here at the City Tavern. Great food, great drink prices and daily drink specials, games, lots of killer live music and last, but not least, an awesome staff of fun people that look forward to showing you the best time possible!"

Reports from the field (Matty B) say that this place serves a good burger; we'll see. Tuesdays feature $3.00 pints at the tavern so watcha say; let's have cheap beer! Moving right along we get back on the train for the second stop of the day.

Hello Angry Dog (Green Line). The second stop is also the second newbie on our crawl. 100 different bottled beers with over 20 on tap. Sounds good to me! Check these guys out at www.angrydog.com .

Our third stop will take us to a personal favorite..........

Lee Harvey's (Red Line/Blue Line). Hold on one quick moment. Lee Harvey's how do I love thee; let me count the ways:

~ delicious food
~ cheap drinks
~ killer bands
~ bartenders that double as DJ's
~ one of Dallas' most diverse crowds
~ fencing and razor wire to keep you safe
~ kick ass fire pits
~ ramshackle building
~ sweet ass chilled-out vibe

Last year one of the participants, and I'm not saying who (I'm looking at you Derrell) nearly had a massive case of angina when we pulled up to Lee Harvey's. Although she's not much to look at, she's got it where it counts. If you don't already know and love Lee Harvey's you soon will. www.leeharveys.com


Windmill Lounge (Green Line). The fourth stop of the day is the final new entry for this year's crawl. The owner looks like Dave Campo's long lost brother, the drinks are strong, cheap and delicious, and the vibe is laid back. I predict much love for the Windmill. PS - they make a pretty awesome panini. Enjoy their bare -bones website www.windmill-lounge.com

Clickity-clack down the tracks!

As we head away from Downtown Dallas and trek north our next stop is Trinity Hall www.trinityhall.tv (Red Line). This bar is at Mockingbird Station. Planned development; check. Dallas’ best, brightest, and most beautiful; check. Potential “fake-o” factor; check. We’re ready to roll at the Trinity. This place should be the antithesis of our first four stops. Don’t let that stop us as we should have shed a few of our inhibitions by this time. Bonus – they have an extensive selection of whiskeys and scotches. Yippee! PS - this previous paragraph was taken from last year's preview. In actuality this is quite a  cozy pub. NICE WORK TRINITY PUB!

Which brings us the the final stop of the day...........................

The Fillmore Pub (Red Line) – The pub is one block from the Downtown Plano Station. For those not in the know Downtown Plano is an up-and-comer. Blending the right amount of non-manufactured history, a nice mix of old and new establishments, and a diverse crowd Downtown Plano is a hidden Metroplex gem. The Fillmore is a comfortable place to enjoy two of the greatest things in life; fellowship and alcohol. Woo-hoo! Bonus – Reverse Happy Hour is 11:00PM – 2:00AM Sunday and Monday (oops, we’ll be there Tuesday).
                                                                                                         "I'm a happy, happy sign"
Whew! We made it. Or did we? To cap the evening we will be dining at Urban Crust www.urbancrust.com which is located a couple of doors down from the Fillmore.

As an addendum to this year's programming we have decided that a recovery day would be most enjoyable to all of those involved. To that end on the 29th (the day after) we will be venturing to the Russian Banya to partake in a spa style recovery. To those of you not familiar with a banya here is a link to their site:

I look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday. Have a safe and happy Christmas and rest up for what is sure to be a great day!