Monday, December 08, 2014

Mass Transit Pub Crawl...........It's on again!!

After a couple of misfires and a small bout of apathy, the 3rd not-so-annual Mass Transit Pub Crawl is happening again. Mark your calendars, save the date, and do whatever calisthenics you need to prepare because we are getting this hot mess going on Friday, December 26th. That's right; the day after Christmas! Xmas is over and it's time to start pub crawling.

Hank the Tank says "It's time to Pub Crawl".
For those who have not joined us before, let me give you a quick primer on what we do. 1) We all meeting in the morning, 2) we board DART light rail, 3) we ride around enjoying fellowship, food, and drink. Despite the length of the event (all day) the goal is not to get trashed and thrashed. The goal is to have a fun filled day with friends in a different "pub crawl" setting. We will be using the DART light rail line to travel from venue to venue. This will allow us some fun times with the general public and will keep us out of our vehicles and off the roads. Remember this is an all day/all night event! Feel free to join us from stem to stern or join us when you can. The two most important words you can remember for this day; fun and pacing! Although this is no binge-fest, we do drink for multiple hours at multiple venues. Great times and a blast have been had by all during our first two incarnations of this event. I expect nothing less from the third version.

With that in mind, lets do a quick preview of potential venues.........................

The Boiler Room

This place opens at 6:00 AM! Enough said. This is a new addition to the Pub Crawl rotation. Visit their website:

The People's Last Stand

Another new place to the Crawl. Located in Mockingbird Station. Check them out:

Lee Harvey's

Woo-hoo!! An all-time Pub Crawl favorite. If you have never been here you have missed out on one of Dallas' gems. Greatness awaits:

The Cedars Social

Located on South Lamar, this is our third new venue for this year's crawl. Enjoy:


Windmill Lounge

This place rules! Great drinks, great owner, great vibe. The only thing they don't have is a great website (doesn't matter); check it out here:

Well, that should get us going for now. As always plans and stops are subject to change depending on the organizer, crowd sourcing, or the general vibe of the day. More information to come. See you guys soon!